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On April 16, 2018, in Joy Station club, in Sofia, the "Affect" band made a promotion of their latest album titled "Heritage". The material was recorded in the band's personal studio in the summer of 2017. The album features 8 cover versions of emblematic Bulgarian hits.

"Affect" is a Bulgarian band that performs live rock and blues pieces that have become timeless in modern classics such as Eagles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Beatles, Uriah Heep, Eric Clapton, Creedence Clearwater Revival and many others. The band is enthralled by both the energetic guitar sound of these rock monsters and the multi-vocal parties so typical of the seventies.

The band collects together friends who play and improvise together. As the boys often say: "Everything we wanted to play has already been played and the only thing left to us is to honor this music by taking the guitars and making a lot of noise"

So far, the band has released 1 DVD-performance record as of May 2013 as well as three studio albums: "Huge Repertoire" from 2013, "Rock On" by 2015 (Mastered by the legendary Bob Katz) and the last "Heritage". The group ends with a period of development. A critical mass of ideas and energy has accumulated that will inevitably lead to the emergence of the desired own music.

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